The CFE Fund is investing in innovative ways to support local Bank On coalition success.

Summer Jobs Connect

Summer Jobs Connect, generously funded by the Citi Foundation, supports young adults seeking summer employment, enhancing these municipally-led programs by integrating structural linkages to safe and appropriate banking products, services, and education. During the initiative’s fourth year, the CFE Fund is working with 13 city governments and their local Summer Youth Employment Program partners to provide additional job positions to local residents, as well as connect them to appropriate bank and credit union products and meaningful financial education and savings opportunities.

Innovation Fund Pilots

The CFE Fund has supported a range of pilot programs to connect banking access into municipal payment streams, social services, and into rural communities.

Pilots include:

  • The County of Hawai’i has worked to connect Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher residents who receive utility reimbursement checks to safe and affordable banking products.
  • Lansing’s Office of Financial Empowerment has worked with the Ingham County Parole Office to help individuals on parole open bank accounts through targeted banking workshops and counseling.
  • Near West Side Community Development Corporation has helped Chicago Public Housing Authority residents to open safe and affordable bank accounts and use them to make automatic rent payments.
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Services of the Savannah Area has brought safe and affordable banking services and products to residents of rural communities in Georgia and South Carolina.
  • Rural Dynamics Inc. has worked with Missoula Housing Authority residents and Housing Choice Voucher holders to open bank accounts and build a positive credit history as part of the larger Family Self Sufficiency Program.
  • Local Bank On coalitions across the State of Washington partnered with rural library systems to create financial hubs, hosting regular “Book Your Bank Day” events that offer on-site bank account opening and financial education.

To learn more about these pilots, get in touch!