Certification Submission Form

  • Full name of your bank or credit union
  • Please enter your institution’s Cert # (if applicable)
  • Please enter your institution’s total deposits on hand.
  • Please enter the anticipated product name as it would appear on consumer-facing materials

  • If a product specific webpage is not available, please provide your main website URL.
  • Please upload account terms and conditions as well as any consumer-facing marketing materials, if any, related to the account.
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    Accepted file types: pdf.

  • If the account is already live, please select today’s date. If the product is still in development, please note anticipated launch date.

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis partners with the CFE Fund to collect and report data on certified Bank On accounts. Bank On National Data (BOND) Hub reports are published in aggregate keeping anonymous each financial institution’s individual data. Please provide a contact for us to reach out to with more information on this voluntary initiative.