Bank On National Data Hub – Explore the Data!

In partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the Bank On National Data Hub (BOND Hub) demonstrates the popularity and vibrancy of Bank On certified products by giving a detailed and localized picture of how account holders are using the products, down to the zip code level.

By giving financial institutions with Bank On certified accounts the opportunity to share data on account openings, usage and consistency, online access, and more, the BOND Hub serves as an apples-to-apples data set that provides Bank On leaders insight into account uptake and performance in their regions. Reporting to the BOND Hub provides a one-shot, secure, and simple way for financial institutions to share relevant aggregate data for their Bank On certified product and tell the story of how banks and credit unions are stepping up to meet the needs of unbanked consumers.

The BOND Hub’s consistent, national metrics quantify the success of the Bank On movement and the vibrancy of the Bank On certified accounts market, which is critical in continuing the momentum and availability of safe and affordable banking products. It also has played a decisive role in supporting new Community Reinvestment Act regulations.

You can use the tool to explore Bank On 2022 account data – across account opening, account activity, and online access – at the national; state; county; city; or zip code level.



Tips for Using the Tool:

  1. Use the filters at the top left corner to select the geography of interest (the state, county, city, or zip code(s) you want to see) by clicking on the arrows for the drop-down menu.
  2. For a definition of each BOND Hub metric, hover over the “?” next to each metric.
  3. You can also export the data as an image; right-click on a number in the tool, select “drill through” then the data set you’d like to export, and then the data will open as a larger table, which you can print (or use your computer’s snip tool to print).

For more information, check out the BOND Hub chapter in the Bank On Coalition Playbook. If you have any questions on the data tool, please contact You can also download the full BOND Hub dataset here.

Is your institution interested in reporting your Bank On certified account data to BOND Hub? Click here for more information.